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Environment › Rid me of plastic
Notes from my efforts to make a plastic-free home.

Life › Name that flower
On an evening walk in my community in awe of biodiversity.

Travel › Hiking in Kullaberg, Sweden
A one-day Spring hike along the South-Eastern coast of Sweden.

Renewables › Using rocks to store energy
About a low-tech way to store large amounts of surplus renewable energy, and a tour to see an actual prototype in Denmark.

Renewables › Mapping all installed wind turbines in Denmark
A quick and dirty python script to map all offshore and onshore wind turbines in Denmark using the python basemap module.

Life › Moving into an ecologic co-housing village
My first weeks in Denmark, living in the tiny ecologic village of Munksøgård.

Renewables › Using complex numbers to simplify things(!)
Why using complex numbers when dealing with electrical circuit analysis can be useful.

Renewables › Solar power vs. the duck
The challenges arrising from increased energy production from solar power in Southwest US.

Life › Leaving Arizona after three years
My last days in Arizona as I said goodbye to friends and prepared my move back to Denmark.

Painting › Getting back to painting and doing more aerial
In between work, aerials and going to Tucson, I've found small pockets of time to paint with acrylics again.