Organizational Work

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Volunteer at CUWiP: The APS Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics

In 2021, I took part in the CUWiP Networking Fair, representing UArizona astronomy & physics, as well as chairing a Lightning Talk session on “Condensed Matter, Renewable Energy, Other”. See full schedule here.
In 2018, I participated as invited speaker to talk about my research in the breakout session “Hot Topics in Physics”.

Co-chair of Gender Minorities at Steward (GEMS)

From April 2020 to August 2021 I was chairing the GEMS group at Steward Observatory. This is a group that works towards raising awareness around and promote gender equality in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). People of all genders, who are interested in improving gender equality in the field of Astronomy, are welcome, and in particular those who identify as gender minorities (e.g., female, transgender, or non-binary). The group is used to socialize, network and discuss challenges and opportunities that may arise when working in STEM as a gender minority, and my main duty was to invite and organize meetings with colloquium speakers.

Organizer of Galaxy Crawl talk series (2020-present)

At Steward Observatory (University of Arizona) I organized and hosted a virtual talk series dedicated towards galaxy evolution theory. I started the sessions in March 2020 when lock-down due to the covid pandemic forced everyone to work from home and it built momentum since then, as a place where we felt less isolated and can share our research results. The main purpose was to give students and postdocs in our groups exposure to other institutes in a time when conferences were cancelled or going online, but we also had a wide audience from other institutions calling in. Talks were anything from 15 to 30 min long and could contain either published work or work in progress that needed comments or both!

Organizer of TIP meetings: Tips in Programming (2018-2019)

At the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) I organized group meetings on various topics dealing with tools and techniques used, mainly in data analysis, but also in software development and data management. Each session was about an hour long with a format very much alike that of the Python meetings I was arranging at ASU (see below). But the crowd consisted of mainly electrical engineers, with a different set of challenges compared to those of astronomers, and we have a lot of fun sharing new methods.

Book an expert: Visiting 8th graders to talk about STEM (2019)

On April 4 2019 I attended a 1-day workshop organized by Engineer the Future, aimed at increasing the interest for STEM among students in Danish primary and high schools. I learned different ways to activate an audience (of all ages) and how to build a catching storyline for a presentation. Following the course, I visited two primary schools in Denmark (Mølleholmskolen and Boesagerskolen) to talk to their 8th graders about renewable energy. For a couple of hours, I would take over the classroom and start an interactive discussion on the use of Hydrogen as an energy storage in tomorrow’s power and transport sector.

Organizing a workshop: Walking the line (March 14-16 2018)

I organized a workshop at Arizona State University, centered on the challenge of modeling line emission in galaxies near and far. This workshop brought together experts as well as students in the field for 3 days of talks and focused discussion sessions.
See website with full program and list of participants.
See this community site at for slides and recordings of talks.

Organizer of Python meetings (2015-2018)

At Arizona State University (ASU) I organized group meetings for scientists using python in their research at ASU. Meetings are every second week and we have a github repository to share knowledge and ask questions. We decided a topic for each meeting based on where people are having most struggles! I passed the organization of these meetings onto Joe Chen at the Physics Department of ASU, so if you would like to join the mailing list or be part of the github repository, please send him an email. Typically, the meetings start with a short presentation by someone who has experience in the topic followed by discussion and hands-on learning. The group includes undergrads to professors, and is not restricted to members of the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE). so if you would like to join the mailing list or be part of the github repository, just shoot Joe (or me) an email. Check out our group page by clicking below:

Go to the Prickly Pythons website›

Here is an exxample of a presentation I gave on the topic of ‘Clean Coding’: View and download a PDF version of 'Clean Coding' talk

Co-organizer of P^3 = Postdoc Posters and Pie Research Forum at SESE in 2016 and 2017, ASU

I helped organizing annual poster conferences at SESE, ASU, for postdocs and others to see some of the amazing science that goes on at SESE! Below are a couple of photos taken at the scene:

From above the scene

Me explaining my research