Leaving Arizona after three years

My last days in Arizona as I said goodbye to friends and prepared my move back to Denmark.

Arizona feels like home to me and always will. Being there for three years, I became friends with the most wonderful people. From the people I met at work to those I met in an airport, from the the people I lived with to the ones I did aerial acrobatics with.

How to say goodbye to them all?

Well, I didn’t.

Instead, I had a “Hasta La Vista” party with the certainty that I will always return one way or another. The party was held in a beautiful and very original Adobe house in Laveen, a rural outskirt of Phoenix, where my friend Michael and his wife Shannon lives with a few horses and two dogs. We had a fire, did aerial acrobatics out in the open and I organized a raffle for one of my Bob Ross paintings :)

I also went to visit a friend who was currently living outside Kingman, in a going off-the-grid community. These last days before my return to Denmark, turned into a truly magic time for me that I will always cherish!

Below are some photos to give you an idea.

  • Brunch with roommates, who made eggs Benedict because I never had them <3
  • Me hanging around in my rope at the 'Hasta La Vista' party.
  • My circus-friend Dzintra making a vainag (Latvian tradition) at the party.
  • Luis, forced to wear a vainag.
  • The hand-written invite for my party.
  • A fancy lunch with astronomers. They gave me a flag and nice books to read in the air.
  • Visiting my friend Nick, who lived outside Kingman at the time, in these amazing tents.
  • A mixed house/wild-cat sneaking around the grape vines on the porch at Nick's place.

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