Name that flower

On an evening walk in my community in awe of biodiversity.

On an evening walk

Now that the nights are getting brigther on the Northern Hemisphere, evenings when the wind has dropped are a good time to go for a walk in nature. I never paid much attention to the small flowers that cover the Danish landscape in Spring (other than “oh isn’t that pretty”). But I soon realized that many of my neighbors here in Munksøgård know Danish flora as I know how to use a computer. Needless to say, I became jelly and curious to know what I’ve been missing!

That’s how I got invited on a date with my neighbor Lisbet, who is a professional gardner. After a common dinner (where I had been cooking a Thai green curry dish), we went out in the Sun again together with a couple other garden and bird enthusiasts. In the gallery below, I tried to name all the flowers I still remember!

  • Kærminesøster.
  • Rød tvetand.
  • Røllike.
  • Tandfri vårsalat.
  • ?.
  • ?.

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