Organizer of TIP meetings: Tips in Programming

At the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) I organize group meetings on various topics dealing with tools and techniques used, mainly in data analysis, but also in software development and data management. Each session is about an hour long with a format very much alike that of the Python meetings I was arranging at ASU (see below). But the crowd consists of mainly electrical engineers, with a different set of challenges, and we have a lot of fun sharing new methods.

Organizer of Python meetings

At Arizona State University (ASU) I organized group meetings for scientists using python in their research at ASU. Meetings are every second week and we have a github repository to share knowledge and ask questions. We decided a topic for each meeting based on where people are having most struggles! I passed the organization of these meetings onto Joe Chen at the Physics Department of ASU, so if you would like to join the mailing list or be part of the github repository, please send him an email. Typically, the meetings start with a short presentation by someone who has experience in the topic followed by discussion and hands-on learning. The group includes undergrads to professors, and is not restricted to members of the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE). so if you would like to join the mailing list or be part of the github repository, just shoot Joe (or me) an email. Check out our group page by clicking below:

Go to the Prickly Pythons website›

Here is an exxample of a presentation I gave on the topic of ‘Clean Coding’: View and download a PDF version of 'Clean Coding' talk

Co-organizer of P^3 = Postdoc Posters and Pie Research Forum at SESE in 2016 and 2017, ASU

I helped organizing annual poster conferences at SESE, ASU, for postdocs and others to see some of the amazing science that goes on at SESE! Below are a couple of photos taken at the scene:

From above the scene

Me explaining my research

Talks, meetings and interviews

Below are previous talks that I gave, and meetings I attended or plan to attend. If you want the keynote/powerpoint version of any presentation (given in PDF here) please contact me!


:08-12-16: ICAE2019, Västerås, Sweden
At the International Conference on Applied Energy, I presented a conference paper that I submitted back in May and which was accepted together with roughly 800 others.

:06-09-19: DAWN Summit, Copenhagen, Denmark
I was invited to join the yearly summit at the Cosmic Dawn Center, where I gave a 15 min talk on ongoing an future SIGAME projects.

06-17-19 to 06-21-19: Zoom-In and Out: From the Interstellar Medium to the Large Scale Structure of the Universe
I was invited to join the 4-week NORDITA workshop devoted to the theoretical and observational studies of the interstellar medium of galaxies across cosmic time. I attended the 3rd week, and gave a 40 min presentation with the title “Reading between the lines - The benefits of modeling more than one emission line”. View and download a PDF version of the talk here.

05-24-19: Visiting 8th graders at Mølleholmskolen, Taastrup, Denmark
For one day, I took over the classroom at Mølleholmskolen to activate curiosity in the students for a scientific topic - in this case, using Hydrogen as an energy storage in tomorrow’s power and transport sector. This was part of the program “Engineer the Future”, which also provides a course I took in April (see below).

04-04-19: Course “Book an expert” for primary and high schools
I attended a 1-day workshop organized by Engineer the Future, aimed at increasing the interest for STEM among young people in Denmark. I learned different ways to activate an audience (of all ages) and how to build a catching storyline for a presentation.

02-18-19: Meeting at Bornholms Energi & Forsyning (BEOF)
As a way of disseminating my first results in the research area of renewable energy, I traveled to the island of Bornholm and gave a talk at the transmission (and distribution) system operator BEOF in Rønne, Bornholm. We use a very valuable data set taken on Bornholm since 2017, and it therefore made much sense to present the results on the island. The paper presented, is currently under review for a PowerTech conference.
Title: ‘Analysing Power Consumption and Generation on Bornholm: Best Energy Storage Options for High Shares of Renewables’.


09-20-18 to 09-21-18: CITIES 5th General Consortium Meeting, Fredericia, Denmark
I participated in the annual consortium meeting of the CITIES (Centre for IT-Intelligent Energy Systems in cities) project. This project aims at improving the integration of different energy sectors, such as gas, power, district heating/cooling and biomass. Equally important is to forecast, control and optimize the interactions of these different energy sectors through the use of advanced ICT solutions.

04-20-18: SESE Cosmology seminar
I gave a talk at my department, summarizing my recent work with SÍGAME and outlining on-going and future research projects. Title: ‘Making Sense of FIR Line Emission with Synthetic Observations’. View and download a PDF version of the talk here.

03-14-18 to 03-16-18: Walking the Line 2018
I organized a workshop at Arizona State University, centered on the challenge of modeling line emission in galaxies near and far. This workshop brought together experts as well as students in the field for 3 days of talks and focused discussion sessions.
See website with full program and list of participants.
See this community site at zenodo.org for slides and recordings of talks.

01-13-18: Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP)
I participated as invited speaker to the breakout session about “Hot Topics in Physics”.
http://www.aps.org/programs/women/workshops/cuwip.cfmSee the program here. and download my presentation slides in PDF format here.


08-15-17: Webinar in the FIR SIG group
I gave a webinar to the Far-Infrared Science Interest Group (FIR SIG) and you can watch it here.

06-29-17: Colloquium at IRyA, UNAM, Morelia, Mexico
While visiting the “Instituto de Radioastronomía y Astrofísica”, I gave a 50min talk on results with SÍGAME modeling [CII] emission at redshift 6, now forming a paper submitted to ApJ. View and download a PDF version of the talk here

04-28-17: Cosmology Seminar (aka Pizza Talk), Tempe, Arizona
I gave a 45min talk at my institute (SESE, ASU) on results with SÍGAME for modeling [CII] emission at redshift 6, now forming a paper close to submission. View and download a PDF version of the talk here

01-14-17 to 01-18-17: Dawn of Galaxies 2017 meeting, Obergurgl, Austria
I’m attending a meeting on galaxy evolution during the Epoch of Reionization. See a program here



11-14-16 to 11-18-16: Visitor at NMSU, Las Cruces, NM
I came to collaborate with professor Kristian Finlator primarily, and gave a colloquium on Friday Nov 18 on early results with SÍGAME for modeling [CII] emission at redshift 6. View and download a PDF version of the talk here

06-12-16: American Astronomical Society 228th meeting, San Diego, CA
Attending with poster.

05-10-16: Participating in SOFIA workshop, Tucson, AZ
A hands-on workshop on what you can do with (and how to write proposals for) The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) which is an amazing airborne observatory.

04-22-16: Gave an interview for ASU connections
On my work and daily life as a postdoc at SESE! I had a great time talking to the host, Kevin Conklin and you can listen to the podcast here:

04-04-16: Molecular GAs in Galactic Environments, Charlottesville, VA
Attending and gave a talk on 06/04 - see program here.
And download the keynote presentation of my talk from the Open Science Framework: https://osf.io/9mzkd/



12-02-15: Talk at NRAO, Socorro, NM
Simulating [CII] emission: Results for z=2 main sequence galaxies
View and download a PDF version of the talk here

11-10-15: Practice Talk Session at SESE, ASU in Tempe, AZ
First session: Key aspects of a good talk (prepared and presented in collaboration with Julia Cartwright from SESE.)
View and download a PDF version of the talk here

09-18-15: Cosmology Seminar at SESE, ASU in Tempe, AZ
ISM: Modeling and observing
View and download a PDF version of the talk here

11-07-15: KISS meeting, Pasadena, CA
Bridging the Gap: Observations and Theory of Star Formation Meet on Large and Small Scales: A one week conference/workshop at the Keck Institute of Space Studies (KISS) to establish the goals that will enable progress in this field of astronomy.
Read the final report that I contributed to here.