My favorite recipes - all vegetarian, though some might contain fish (I'm pescatarian).

Baking (cakes at the bottom)

Summer squash bread
Flourless peanut butter cookies
Vegan carob pancakes
Gluten-free carob brownies
Pumpkin muffins
Vegan pumpkin pie
Sour milk pancakes
Carob brownies


Spinach lasagna
Eggplant and Pine Nut Caponata

Cocina Mexicana

Tortilla soup
Salsa verde
Whole wheat navajo tacos
Vegan chipotle mole

Cocina Española

Empanada de atún

Cocina Italiana

Sicilian eggplant and pine nut cabonata
Lasagne vegetariane
Lasagne with zucchini and yellow squash


Sprouted mung bean salad
Smoky Apple Baked Beans

Red lentils!

Red lentil dal (simple)
Golden red lentil dal (with carrots and coconut milk)


Beet chips
Tahini kale chips


Vegan chocolate mousse


Bizcocho de leche condensada con limón
Mango cheesecake
Healthy banana bread
Carrot cake

Good sites

Minimalist baker
Kitchen Shaman

My own

Easy pancakes for two (or one if very hungry)

1.5 cups flour (can be mixed types)
1 big tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla powder
1 1/4 cups milk
1 egg (vegan: 3 tbsp linseed to 1 dl water)
3 tbsp butter

  • Mix all the dry ingredients well
  • Heat butter and mix with the other wet ingredients
  • Make a hole in the flour and add the wet stuff
  • Dont’t mix too well since that can make the pancakes “heavy”
  • Fry! In butter, coconut oil, sesame oil or whatever!

Easy overnight bread

Ready the evening after!!
12 dl water
300g rolled oats and whole grain flour
about 400g regular flour
20g yeast
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp salt

  • Mix and add flour until reaching a porridge, sticky consistency.
  • Let it rise overnight in fridge
  • Oil a baking pan with olive oil, place the dough and cover with more oil
  • let rise at room temp another 6 hrs or so
  • Half an hour at 225 Celcius
  • Then down to 150 Celcius until done (30min?)

Pizza dough

25g yeast
800g pizza flour
200g wholegrain flour
600 ml water
2 tsp salt
a bit of sugar and olive oil

  • dilute salt in water, add sugar, yeast and oil
  • 15 min kneading
  • leave in fridge (or 10 Celcius) overnight
  • the day after, stretch the dough (don’t smash) in trays with oil and turn over so covered in oil
  • 2 hrs in oven at slightly more than room temp
  • with toppings: 250 Celcius (or as high as possible) for 10 min or so.