Assessing springs with Sky Island Alliance

Dates: 2016-02-08 to 2016-02-26

I dragged Luis out in the wilderness to help Sky Island Alliance do their spring assessment. The spring was called Ojo Blanco and it’s so far out, that we had to hike some hours through the bushes to get there, because no path exists.

The spring turned out to be a pretty little square, seen here with our happy guide Sami in front:

After lunch, we took notes on the spring and surrounding vegetation+animals.

The weather was good for hiking and on the way back, we took another route, on top of the rocky hills, with an amazing view of the Sky Islands.

The next day was All Souls Procession in Tucson - this time I got to experience it as part of the audience, which was completely different from performing as I did in 2013.

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