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SÍGAME v3: Gas Fragmentation in Post-processing of Cosmological Simulations for More Accurate Infrared Line Emission Modeling. K. Olsen, B. Burkhart, M. Mac-Low, R. Tress, T. Greve, D. Vizgan, J. Motka, J. Borrow, G. Popping, R. Davé, R. Smith and D. Narayanan.
ApJ 922 88, 2021.


Predictions of the L_[CII]-SFR and [CII] Luminosity Function at the Epoch of Reionization. T. K. D. Leung, K. Olsen, R. S. Somerville, R. Davé, T. Greve, C. C. Hayward, D. Narayanan, G. Popping.
ApJ 905 2, 2020.


SÍGAME Simulations of the [CII], [OI], and [OIII] Line Emission from Star-forming Galaxies at z ~ 6. K. Olsen, T. Greve, D. Narayanan, R. Thompson, R. Davé, L. N. Rios and S. Stawinski.
ApJ 846 2, 2017.
(See also erratum regarding the effect of the CMB.)


SImulator of GAlaxy Millimetre/submillimetre Emission (SÍGAME): CO emission from massive z = 2 main-sequence galaxies. K. Olsen, T. Greve, D. Narayanan, R. Thompson, S. Toft and C. Brinch.
MNRAS 457 3, 2016.


Simulator of Galaxy Millimeter/Submillimeter Emission (SÍGAME): The [CII]-SFR Relationship of Massive z = 2 Main Sequence Galaxies. K. Olsen, T. Greve, C. Brinch, J. Sommer-Larsen, J. Rasmussen, S. Toft and A. Zirm.
ApJ 814 1, 2015.


(The precursor for SIGAME:) CO line emission from Lyman break galaxies. Cosmological simulations and predictions for ALMA. T. Greve, J. Sommer-Larsen, J.
A&A 480 2, 2008, pp.335-338.