Running and sand-sliding in Las Cruces, NM

Dates: 2016-11-13 to 2016-11-20

Some photos from my stay in New Mexico, this time in the Southern part close to El Paso, Texas. I flew directly from Phoenix, took a shuttle to Las Cruces, and went to work the next day at NMSU in this delightful building:

where I was given a desk in the library and found myself a OMG SPLIT-KEYBOARD (now I really want one):

From all over Las Cruces you have a view of the Organ Mountains (Desert Peak National Monument):

Wednesday, I decided to bike up to a Goodwill to buy some souvenirs, and in between the houses, the Organ Mountains watched over me. They didn’t care to give me any shade though and I soon found myself stuffing jacket and blouse into my backpack. I managed to flatten both tires by going across a patch of gravel with hitten cactus thorns, but otherwise I had a great time. My collaborator, who also happens to own the bike, later invited us all to a Mexican restaurant, a sign I take it that I’m not too cursed. Anyway, I’ll gladly have him return the favor on my bike if he comes to visit!

On Saturday, I won a gold medal in running, not so much for the running as for having entered the 30-39 age group, I gather. Still, a very proud human being I was, here with my before-mentioned collaborator, Kristian who also got himself a medal:

The run took place in Mesilla, the old neighborhood with a very traditional style:

There was also time for a trip to White Sands National Monument for which I will let the pictures speak:

The last picture shows footprints which after subsequent analysis definitely must have been giant scorpions, we think, but we were not sure not too concerned at the moment. Thanks to Caitlin for taking us in the car! And I should not forget to mention the Milagro Coffee place that saved me on at least a couple of mornings: