The boy comes to visit me

Dates: 2016-05-26 to 2016-06-09

Well, actually he probably came to see the US more than anything, but I still took great pride in showing him my Arizona and together we ventured into Nevada and California! Let us begin…

May 26
Erik arrives on time from New York and we go for sushi with Luis, but then straight to bed because tomorrow we’re going CAMPING!

May 27-29
Camping in Tonto National Forest, at Flowing Springs, with my wonderful roommates (minus one who stayed home with the dog). It was, at least for me, a nice break from city life with coyotes instead of sirenes at night.

And my bro fit right into the majestic mountains.

In between preparing food and eating, we played music and learned astrology. We even dipped our toes in the freezing mountain water!

May 29
On our way back, we stopped in Goldfield, which is an old mining town, now a tourist-trap complete with live gun action in the main street.

May 30
On Monday we drove down to Biosphere 2 on our way to Tucson:

(yes, it does look like I just hit my head on that photo. I didn’t, I just look strange.)

And Luis was there too!

Being happy and loving as always (except when we got into that discussion about Mexican Trump supporters, oh well)

The Biosphere was alive and well, with a newly installed hydroponic system:

But on we went, to water the garden in Tucson and have dinner at La Indita before driving back.

May 31
On this Tuesday, Erik went to meet up with a friend living in Phoenix while I did some work at the University and otherwise prepared for our epic roadtrip.

June 1
Setting out at around 7AM, with breakfast in Flagstaff, we made our way to Grand Canyon!

Which was of course not that big a deal for my bro:

But he still couldn’t resist to strike a pose:

I, on the other hand, decided to sit on the trunk of a tree with a secret motive of stabbing my butt, creating the probably least charming photo that will ever be taken of me (at the Grand Canyon):

As a reminder of our final destination, you could see the San Francisco Peaks from which the kachina spirits of the Hopi came from.

But first: VEGAS

Where my friend, Nick, was waiting for us. A couple of words about Nick. We met each other at 5AM in Copenhagen airport back in January, as both of us were leaving for the US. Nick made the connection by stating that “today is going to be a great day” seeing me repack my gigantic bag on the floor. We ended up chatting for a couple of hours finding lots of similar interests and I remember leaving with the feeling that I would see him again. Some 4 months and several emails later, and we met again, in his home in Vegas!

June 2
So, Nick and his roommate Billy are not the average Vegas citizens that you expect from the movies

  • they actually made my bro do acroyoga which is already far from normality.

Nick also took us to the art district, a farmers market, a sustainable house in the botanical garden and on a saguaro-impersonation trip in the red canyon:

Not that we could stay in Vegas for two nights without going to the strip though…

Vegas was great and I was inspired beyond description by the mindful lifestyles of Nick and Billy, hopefully I can welcome them soon in Tempe. But we had to move on!

June 4

Next stop was Yosemite park, which pushed Coco (my car) to the limit on the way up, so we had to take a break and continue with no AC.

She made it to the top though where spectacular views awaited us:

Parts of the park were closed unfortunately, but we did get to see the big sequoias.

Finally we reached San Fran in the evening, checking in at the International Hotel, and since it was a Saturday we headed straight out to meet friends of Eriks at a local bar.

June 5
The day after, we went on a walking tour with an eccentric Jewish history teacher that “walked fast, and did not wait for red lights”:

The topic was social movement in San Francisco, but actually more specifically about taxation of land and how Monopoly SHOULD be played if you want stay true to the original intention of the game.

June 6
The day after, Eriks friends (and friends of friends) took us out to the Castro neighborhood and to Embarcadero for oysters and sparkling drinks.

June 7
On Monday, we went for a looong walk in Golden Gate park and later out to Golden Gate Bridge (which to our surprise and irritation were not next to each other) in the cold fog of San Fran:

June 7
The following day, I put on my amazing hat from Vegas and my new jacket from San Fran and went on a biking tour through the city while Erik took a rest:

We saw sea lions and biked across Golden Gate after which I decided to leave the group and go to Fisherman’s Wharf for a crab salat:

June 8
And that was it! On the very last day, we went to see have dinner with Eriks gang again and the next day I took off early towards Los Angeles to attend a conference in San Diego later.

Yay! My brother was here and we had an epic roadtrip - we made it!