Danskere all over Arizona

Dates: 2015-09-20…24

Ursula and Jacob (or Urs and Papa-J) are my former landlords/roommates from Copenhagen, and my dear dear friends now living in Tromsø, Norway.

We started out in the garden with banana-peach smoothie and the latest news.

Then we made a visit to the Heard Museum and strolled down Central.

The day after, we set out (kind of) early and rented a Chevvy that could take us to Flagstaff! I had not been there myself, but anicipated that it might be something for Urs and Papa J. And we sure liked everything about that little quirky town, except for the weird green water.

While Urs was trying shoes, the attendant convinced us to drive the last couple of hours up to the Grand Canyon, just to catch a glimpse before sunset. It was a race against time, but after struggles and a few dramas we made it.

Standing on the edge was absolutely breathtaking, and I imagine it must be even more impressive once you try to walk down and explore the canyons a bit. But that will have to wait for next time.

And THEN we were ready for Tucson! After a day at the office during which Urs and papa J went sightseeing in Tempe, we all drove down and had dinner at La Indita with Scott and Luis.

On the day before their flight back, we managed to also see the Desert Museum and Biosphere 2 and have dinner on 4th Ave (jeez, how DID we do all that in 4 days?!)