In Denmark for christmas

Dates: 2015-12-21 to 2016-01-12

This is the result of attempting to photograph every friend/family that I met with for a little while of longer, during my stay in Denmark this Christmas (regret to have missed Martina, aunt Esther, Diana, Susanne and Line).

No christmas without moms risalamande, dads sugar-potatoes and aunties Spanish sweets:

After the family visit, I made my way to the island of Samsø where my dear friend Lila has been living for some years now. We walked a lot and did old-woman stuff, like walking slowly on the beach and knitting:

Note to self: Some books I started reading on Samsø that I would like to continue reading:

In Copenhagen, Thomas was waiting with falafels and HUMMUS:

We also met up with Helene who had a surprise for us in the shape of a big belly…

I was fortunate to meet Cat (and Kai and Alberto) on Østerbro, and play with their Buddha Board. Here is Cat, looking rather startled:

Then I went on to stay for a couple of days at the place of Lotte (and Kristian) in Nørrebro:

Ursula and papa-J (who visited AZ back in September), invited for brunch in Ursulas moms neighbors flat:

Final destination (before taking the metro to the airport the day after): Cecilie, my crazy cousin and her boyfriend Simon, seen here during a morning ritual of squeezing fruits: