Getting them beets goin'...

My prime way of stress relief is to work in the garden. My parents have a big back yard and here I learned how take care of plants from seed to harvest, but after living in appartment buildings for several years I almost forgot what it’s like! Here in Tempe, with a beautiful garden that I share with roommates, my passion for plants has sparked again!

Autumn eggplant and chile

Dates: November 2017

Now that the temperatures have dropped below 95 degrees (35 celcius), the garden is booming with eggplants and spicy chiles:

That’s an Orient Charm eggplant btw. The seeds I saved last year are giving beautiful sunflowers at the center of it all:

And, a few weeks back I planted tiny plants of oregano, thyme and cilantro from a farmers market and Home Depot. They’re doing well and teaming up at the middle to create a live spice rack:

Tomatoes and corn!

Dates: June 2017

In the beginning of June, the corn plants looked something like this:

Then the heat turned on in Arizona, turning my tomatos red and awaking the female parts of the corn plants:

Finally, before leaving for Mexico and Europe, I put out a simple drip system and bought a solar powered timer to keep at least some of the plants alive over the summer.

A jungle of nasturtium

Dates: March 2017

Morning view when I have a cup of tea in the garden:

These days a typical raid in the garden can bring chard, beet leaves, nasturtium, thai basil and cilantro to the table:

The chickens now have a house with their own herbal garden:

And baby corn plants are now visible (more on those later):

Winter kale

Dates: 2017-01-04 to 2017-01-05

It’s good to be back, enjoying the wonderful house in which I live and hanging out in the garden with Luis again, in both Tempe and Tucson:

Sunflowers and mint

Dates: 2016-10-22

A quick look at the garden; I re-organized things a bit this fall before putting out the seedlings. We now have an epicenter of energy at the middle represented by a decaying pot.

In addition to all the sunflowers that I sprouted from seeds (bought in Sprouts haha), the mint is doing very well, and not being eaten as much as the sunflowers by caterpillars:

More garden and Sonoita

Date: 2016-05-19

The first ‘real’ harvest: eggplant and red beans (and some rosemary from our mega-bush)!

Now we have the most beautiful chocolate-cherry sunflowers and some gourd coming up that sprouted in the compost, so we have no idea what it is, but are taking care of it with and old bikini:

Radishes, parsley and broccoli!

Date: 2016-03-25

My feet saying hello to the potatos that I try to protect from the ants with cinnamon:

We started pretty early on, back in December, to plant some radishes, parsley and broccoli, so the first thing to harvest were radishes in January:

Then in february, I started planting all kinds of seeds, most of them found lying around inside the house. Some I started indoors, others outdoors on a table and slowly it just began to take over!

Not only is it intoxicating to see the seedlings coming up after waiting patiently for several days, it also drives me to immediately plant more! By now, there is also strawberries, cilantro, potato, eggplant, beetroot, swiss chard and sun flowers in the ground and more seedling coming up on the table!

Getting started with Southwestern gardening

Dates: November and December 2015

We planted beetroot, radishes, parsley and broccoli (to mention some) in soil mixed with the compost that I started back in September. Hoping that they survive all my traveling…

… garden love!